Buyer Benefits

  • Option money is credited towards purchase:  When you enter into a Lease-Option Agreement with the Landlord-Seller, 100% of your option deposit (down payment) is credited towards the purchase price of your home.  


  • Minimum up front expenses:  One of the best features of Renting to Own is that you don’t need 10-20% of the purchase price up front to move into the home. There is a small upfront cash deposit (usually 3-5% of the purchase price, in addition to the first month’s rent payment.) Keep in mind that when you purchase a home conventionally using bank financing, you will typically need great credit, cash reserves, at least 5% down payment, as well as closing cost and prepaid expenses.  


  • Credit problems are ok:  You don’t need perfect credit to get into a nice home. At Venture Realty, we understand that the recent downturn in the economy has put many hard working families in a compromising position. The Venture option Advantage Program was specifically designed to assist you with overcoming these roadblocks to home ownership. Your ability to make reasonable monthly payments and your desire to raise your credit scores to qualify for a Mortgage loan during your option period are what we are most interested in.


  • Move in TODAY – Purchase Tomorrow:  Because you are avoiding the bank and the lengthy mortgage loan approval process, you can actually move into a very nice home quickly.


  • Time:  During your option period you will have between 12-36 months, depending on your Lease-Option Agreement, to restore your credit, secure the best interest rates, investigate the home and community, and save for additional down payment and/or closing cost.  


  • Monthly rent payment is working towards your purchase:  Every month a portion of your rental payment is credited towards your down payment and/or closing cost (rent credit). So instead of just wasting money on rent, you are building equity. That’s a phenomenal opportunity.



  • Frequently no down payment at closing:  Since you have contributed an option deposit in addition to receiving monthly rent credits, there will frequently be very little or nothing left to pay at closing.


  • Potential profits from appreciation:  The option price of the home is locked for the entire term of the lease. This means that any increase in property value is also increasing your equity (what you owe on the home minus what the home is actually worth).

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