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The Venture Option Advantage Program was designed to assist Sellers in the Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas gain an advantage in an otherwise strong buyers market. What other strategy gives you the opportunity to command a higher than average sales price, immediate debt relief, positive cash flow and a non-refundable down payment?

Is your home currently sitting on the market month after month? Have you realized that traditional buyers who are able to qualify for a home loan and purchase your home outright are scarce? Obviously you want to sell your home, but is it just not moving fast enough? 

As home prices continue to be driven by the continual flood of foreclosures and short sales, we have seen non distressed properties feel the direct impact. The continuous pressure of the drop in prices has made it extremely difficult if not virtually impossible for non-foreclosed home owners to compete.

If you are currently making double mortgage payments because you purchased a new home before selling your present home, have a vacant home for sale, are unable to compete with the distressed properties flooding the market, are underwater on your mortgage and need the market to improve before you can sell or just need debt relief, The Venture Option Advantage Program is definitely the answer.

If you are considering listing your home for a rent to own (lease option), you have found the absolute best resource to assist you with obtaining a top sales price, immediate debt relief and positive cash flow. A properly structured lease option agreement will reap profits at every stage of the transaction. 

If you are ready to get out of the market and get your home sold, contact us today for a free no obligation 30 minute consultation.  Nobody knows the Lease Option (Rent To Own) market like the J. Thomas Jeffery Team at Venture Realty....NOBODY!  

To get started today please complete our short Property Information Form, or contact the J. Thomas Jeffery team directly at: 980-819-1915.  We Look forward to speaking with you very soon!  


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