Sell: How It Works?

  • The first step is to complete our Venture Option Advantage Program seller property information form. This form basically outlines the details of your home, your asking price, and the amount that you need monthly in rent. We will also need a signed listing agreement which gives Venture Realty authorization to market and show your property to our buyers.


  • We will then develop and discuss with you a marketing plan that is specific to your property. Our marketing department will generate all of the advertising materials and strategically place your home on our best traffic generating websites. Your home will also be presented to our current database of Pre-approved Tenant-Buyers.


  • Showings of your home are typically scheduled with plenty of advanced notice but in some cases can occur with as little notice as 1 hour. We have found that maintaining flexibility with short notice showings simply will sell your home much faster.


  • Once a Tenant-Buyer for your home has been secured, we will complete a Lease-Option package containing a completed Lease-Option Agreement.


  • After you have approved the Tenant-Buyer, they will deposit the first month’s rent and Option Deposit to the escrow company. Prior to the Tenant-Buyer moving in, you will receive your non-refundable compensation.


  • The Tenant-Buyer will continue to make monthly payments to the escrow company until they exercise their option to purchase the property.


  • Lastly, your Tenant-Buyer will continue working with a Credit Restoration Specialist to ultimately complete the sale of your property within the specified time frame of the Lease-Option Agreement.