Seller Benefits

  • Top sales price:  Because you are making your home available to a larger pool of buyers, you will attract many more interested buyers who are willing to pay a premium because of the exclusive financing terms and value that you are offering. Tenant-Buyers can easily understand the concept of trading price for time and value. Leasing your home to sell positions you to not have to pay any out of pocket fees or commissions!


  • Immediate Debt Relief:  Wouldn’t it just make sense to let someone else pay your mortgage payments for you? Especially if you are continuously making mortgage payments on a second home or a vacant house. How much longer will you be able to assume those holding cost? By leasing your home to sell, you can start collecting rent from pre-qualified buyers that actually want to purchase your home and not just rent. 


  • Non-refundable option money:  When you lease your home to sell, you receive a non-refundable option deposit that is your money to keep should the buyer default or decide not to purchase.


  • Save Thousands in Fees:  It doesn’t cost you anything for our services. We collect our fee from the Tenant-Buyer up front when we find someone that you approve.


  • Highest quality Tenant–Buyers, minimum risk:  We pre-screen our clients before they even see any homes. The difference between a renter and a Tenant-Buyer is that a renter knows they will only be renting your home, so they don’t care if they leave problems behind. A Tenant-Buyer plans on owning the home so they absolutely care about the property! We often see Tenant-Buyers making upgrades or renovations to the home to build equity.


  • Tax Shelter:  Now that your home is an investment property there are great tax advantages to a Lease- Option Agreement. A large portion of the income may be tax deferred until the Tenant-Buyer exercises their option to buy your home. Your tax adviser can tell you more.


  • No maintenance, no landlording headaches:  All maintenance and repairs are paid by the Tenant-Buyers. 


  • No vacancies:  There is always a demand for homes that are selling on a lease option. Typically turnover time is days or weeks instead of months or years. Remember that you are now marketing your home not only to traditional buyers, but also renters and investors. These three groups make up over 95% of the people that purchase real estate.


  • Pre-Screened pool of qualified Tenant-Buyers:  We already have clients that are looking for homes in your area. Our clients are referred by us to some of the industry’s best professionals that we have established relationships with, to assist them with real estate related services to satisfy their future home buyer needs.  

The Bottom Line is we will save you money, sell your home faster, and get you full price.

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